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NameJimmy Suvoy10/26/2009
Location/EventFamily Fun Fest fundraiser for Tampa Bay Harvest
CommentThanks so much Julie and tell everyone in the band how much I appreciate their efforts, talent and time. You guys were awesome. I had a ton of great comments about your performance. Your professionalism and cooperation certainly had a lot to do with our being able to run a smooth operation. I look forward to working with you guys again and hopefully will get out to see an entire show sometime.

NameMissy and Kate Noto10/9/2009
CommentBrian is the greatest guitar player ever! His band is the greatest by far. Missy and Kate Noto

NameMike and Kristen10/1/2009
Location/EventThe Pub
CommentHey guys! We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your music at the Pub. Wow-you really kept everyone entertained, from the older folks on down to the kids. Your performance was the best yet--the music sounded terrific! Keep up the great work!

Location/EventThe Pub, August 28
CommentMy friends and I had so much fun listening and dancing to your music last Friday. It's the best entertainment on the beach! Just had to check out the website and let you all know. We'll be there next month for sure!

NameTom Sonni and Karen Kurt/St. Jerome Legacy Society1/11/2009
Location/EventBelleair Country Club
CommentA special thank you to Aqua Groove! You all did a terrific job keeping our guests entertained throughout the evening. You played so many crowd favorites, as evidenced by their constant applause. We have heard so many compliments about Aqua Groove and everyone had a great time at the Legacy Society dinner. We would definitely book you again for future events.

Location/EventBridal Show
CommentSaw you perform at the bridal show last weekend and you were great! Waiting in the long line outside gave us a lot of time to listen and we thought you were very authentic. The vocals and all the instrumental performances were of very high quality. Listening to your CD confirmed my initial impression. I look forward to your next performance!

CommentHi Aqua Groove, I saw you at the Bridal Show on Sunday and thought you guys sounded great- I don't know how you played out there in the heat! Can't wait to have you at our reception :)

NameMike M.01/07/2008
Location/EventTampa Hyatt - New Years Eve
CommentI just wanted to let you guys know that we really enjoyed your band on New Years Eve. You played a fun range of music from the B-52's to Stevie Wonder, and your rendition of Signed, Sealed, Delivered was one of my favorites. Dancing to Louis Armstrong right after midnight was an especially nice way to remember the night. Thanks again for a great time!

NameJose and Melanie01/07/2008
Location/EventTampa- NYE party at the hyatt
CommentHey guys- we spoke with you on NYE about playing at our wedding. We just browsed your site and it looks great!! We'll be in touch soon with the details of our reception. Thanks again for the fun time on nye!

NameRebecca (Aqua Groove Fan)01/05/2008
Location/EventTampa Hyatt- New Year's Eve
CommentGreat job, Aqua Groove!!! Love Shack was the best song ever- even better than the B-52's original!! You guys are so much fun and great musicians. Thanks for another fun event!

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