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Location/EventFan club member over in Plano, Texas
CommentSpecial note to Eric H. and Erica D, Remember me from the Ireland Choir trip? I'm looking forward to hearing your Band when I move to Seminole sometime this year. I see you already have a Trombone player...otherwise I would've recommended my son Pete! See ya'll soon! Karen Jodal

NamePaula Keyser1/20/2007
Location/EventAll Children's Hospital Guild Auction
CommentThank you for sending the gift certificate for our Auction to benefit All Children's Hospital at the Seminole Pow Wow. We really appreciate your support.

Location/EventFall Fling 2006, Tampa
CommentOur event, Fall Fling 2006, turned out to be very successful. I've been getting great feeback from many people that they really enjoyed your music. The most enthusiastic compliment I heard was about your Chicago music! Thanks again for everything and good luck to you and the band.

Location/EventMonte Carlo Night, Largo
CommentThanks for playing music we could really get up and dance to!!! We enjoyed the wide variety of tunes. Great party atmosphere!!

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